Public offer agreement on the offer of a good donation


Tsya Public offer about giving the blessed sacrifice (above - the Offer) is explicitly fixed on the unlimited number of gifts (above - Blagodinik) that the public provision is provided by the Financial and Social Insurance Fund. , treaty of the blessing of the sacrifice, on the lower meanings:

1. Understanding that visa, get used to the Agreement

Public offer (ta / abo Offer) - the offer to the Fund, which is available on the site about the blessing of the sacrifice, is hidden on an unapproved number of physical offers.

Acceptance - again, it’s insanely accepted by the Offer with a whip for a repentance, a straightforward payment for a penny order for additional payment forms and a request for payment, as well as a costly installment of a bank account.

The offer is invaded by the date of receipt of the payment of pennies to the fund rachunok.

A blessing is sacrifice - the donation of money to the Fund for the benefit of the Foundation, for the coming victory and access to the Fund, the Statute and the programs of the Fund, is governed by the Law of Ukraine “On the Benefit of the Law of the Fund”.

The beneficiary is a person who is individually, as one voluntary person, one of whom is a kind of blessed person. For the whole of the Treaty, the Blagodiynik is a person of physical nature, who accepted the Offer.

2. Subject of the Agreement

Subject tsogo Treaty Je bezoplatnoy that dobrovіlna transfer Blagodіynikom in vlasnіst Fund penny koshtіv Shlyakhov zdіysnennya Blagodіynoї Donate to zabezpechennya statutnoї dіyalnostі Fund, in addition chislі (ale not viklyuchno) schodo nadannya Fund blagodіynoї Relief vіdpovіdno to the Law of Ukraine "About blagodіynu dіyalnіst that blagodіynі organіzatsії" program Fund, skinny.

The beneficiary is an independent visitor of the oath and straightforward is the victorious blessing of sacrifice. The parties to the Agreement shall not endorse any additional benefits for the benefit of the parties.

3. Acceptance

With the acceptance of the Offer, Blagodiynik means that we are best served by all means.

In addition, with the Acceptance of the Offer, the Beneficiary is rewarded with the subject of the Agreement, the terms and conditions of the public fund, and also the right to the Fund as a part of the Donated Government, are donated to

The parties shall wait until the moment of acceptance of the Offer, we agree to put the Agreement in the written form up to Articles 207, 639, 641 and 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and Articles 6 and 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Good Practice and Benefit”. When you have a party, wait a bit, when we write a good acceptance of the Offer, which is not kept in agreement with the contract document, it’s not a burden on us to agree to this Agreement.

4. Rights and Obligations to the Fund

Foundation Law:

- deny the blessings of sacrifice and victorious of the subject to the subject of this Agreement and its statutory duty;

- for the blessing of the Blagodіynika, you can directly look at the sacrifice of the Blagodinoy;

- vikoristovuvati part of the Beneficial donation to the administrative Vitrati Fund at Rosmiri, not more than the minimum transferred by the Law of Ukraine “On Good Practice and Good Organizations”.

Goiter Foundation:

- sparingly, in an electronic video, voice about the Victory of Good Thanks sacrifice with a hat of public interest on

- vikoristovuvati rejected donations exclusively for the attainment of values ​​transferred by the Statute to the Fund.

5. Rights of the Blagodinik

Blagodіynik maє right:

- hello control over the victories of the Foundation to the Charity of the Sacrifice for the whole designation.

6. The month of the public zoshirannya koshtіv

Public Health Benefit Donate to you on the territory of any country. There is no delay in the Fund’s activities, it’s possible to agree on the availability of funds transferred by the Statute of the Fund, and also to visit the territory of Ukraine (for the exclusion of the time spent on the territory of Ukraine and the area of ​​antiterrorist operation).

7. Rows of zbirannya koshtіv

The public zbir of trivia to the time of the renewal of the Fund’s donations (including the honor of the Fund), which is the first line without any notice to the Fund, for which the benefit of the public website is increased.

8. The order of the sacrifice of the Good Sacrifice

Victory Day Donate to you in good faith with the statutory duty of the Fund and the sovereign legislation of Ukraine, secured by the Law of Ukraine “On Benefit and Benefit Organizing”. Victory Fund Thank you sacrificially before your statutory duty and program to the Fund. Refused by the Blagodіynі Fund, donations can be turned upside down Blagodіyniku exclusively at vipadki, transferred by the legislation of Ukraine and this Agreement.

9. Public Relations to the Fund

The Fund is responsible for the violation of the mind of the Treaty and the benefit of the Victims of the Holy See in accordance with the procedure transferred to the statutory branch of the Fund and the legislation of Ukraine, which is identical to the statutory legislation of Ukraine.

10. The order of access to the informal Beneficial Organizations.

The financial sound of the Fund is respected by the hat of the generous distribution of the financial sound of the site, in order of the first line, transmitted by the Statute of the Fund. Інша інформація to be tricked by the Fund in the order that in the oaths transferred by the sole legislation of Ukraine.

11. Vitrati, due to overfeeding of the blessed sacrifices (commissions for overpricing koshtiv, tribute, zbori, skinny) you have the Benefit.

Blagodіynik maє the right to express a gift for those who have funded the Fund. There are a number of gifts that can be used, as well as being managed by the New Post Foundation for the Otrimuvach rahlak, but also not physical, such as the "Poddyak" or "Assigned", as well as the website . The Fund takes care of the goiter'yazannya to enter the name in Podjak and I will dedicate all, hto donating the Fund and robbing the very same gift.

12. The procedure for access to the informal Blagodinika.

I am grateful to those who wish to write information about themselves on the website of the Foundation and to register online on the website, by contacting the public with respect to this website. At the same time, the Goiter Fund doesn’t have to press on information about the contact details of the Blagodinik to third persons, except for VIPs, directly transmitted by the dignified legislation of Ukraine.

In addition, Blagodinik has given his life, which requires information about the new (secrecy, nickname, name and father), but can be found in Vicoristan (except for the second supplementary year) by the Fund in the mass media website for international information

With a gutter of acceptance of the Offer, Blagodiynik piddverdzhu, who know all about Dodatkom 1 to the whole Agreement, I’d give my money to the zbir, processing and the transfer of personal data in order, transferred to Ukraine by the present Agreement.

Dodatok 1

to the Agreement of the public offer about the gift of the sacrifice


on zbіr, processing that vikoristannya personal danih

I, Blagodiynik, having accepted the Public offer about the reward of the beneficent help, thank the Good Virtue, I’ve been up to the Law of Ukraine “On the Prohibition of Personal Tribunals”, I’m announcing my annual donations. Victoria wants to automate the processing (including zbirannya, accumulation, zberigannya and vikoristannya) of my personal tributes, and the very same: address, name, middle name, passport data, registration card number of registration card c, photography, the most recent recording of the image, the number of the request, the address of the electronic mail, the date of residence, the data of the volunteer, I voluntarily handed over to me for realizing the right to do so, administrative and legal, lender vidnosin, vidnosin in the field of accounting; vidnosin in the field of statistics; This is a guarantee of realizing the necessary information, which may include processing personal personal data up to the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Departmental Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Benefiting and Statutory Laws and Laws”

With this document, I also give the right to transmit (expand) my personal data exclusively with the specified method according to the procedure outlined in the Law of Ukraine “On the hijacking of personal data” and the local acts of the Fund, so as to establish the procedure for processing and hogging personal data. I don’t want to know more about transferring (expanding) my personal personal information to third parties, but such a transfer (expanding) is necessary in my interests through realizing legal advice.

To the written data of this year, I’m confirming that I’ve written a letter about the processing of personal data (I have specified this document separately) and that my personal data will be transferred, as well as my personal rights. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On the hijacking of personal tributes”, which presupposes a certain sub-act of personal tributes:

1) nobility about dzherel zbirannya, the most important finding of personal personalities, the method of processing, the most important thing, the voluntary life of the personal order, the most important thing to do.

2) otrimuvati information about the mind of access to personal data, secrecy of information about third-party information, so that I can transmit my personal data;

3) access to your personal tributes;

4) deny that you don’t have to sign for thirty calendar days from the day you want to wash, except for the law, transmitted about those who are trying out your personal data, and also deny the amount of such personal days;

5) to present motivated vimogu volodiltsy personal data and from excerpts against the processing of their personal data;

6) to present a motive to someone else for their benefit and be aware of their personal personalities, be a kind of Volodilian and a personal order of personal tributes, as if they were to be illegally scammed for being out of order;

7) for the harassment of your personal personal data of illegal processing and the loss of interest, the need for charity, for the most free time, for the bad things, and for the good and bad times, physical individuals;

8) zvertatisya іz Skarga on obrobku svoїh personal danih to Upovnovazheny abo before the court;

9) zasosovuvati zasobu legal zahist at times ruined legislation on zahist personal tributes;

10) make a zasterezhneniya stosno obezhnenya right to process their personal personal data for an hour nadannya zgodi;

11) submit a request for processing personal data;

12) nobility the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data;

13) on hijacking of automated registration, as a rule for legal assistance.

Tsya zgoda-povіdomlennya dіє a stretch of an unappreciated term.