Our projects

The Children's Day Center project is aimed at helping families with children in difficult life circumstances.

Objective of the project:

1) Prevention of street children appearing on the streets and their getting into a shelter, boarding school.

2) To introduce children to a healthy lifestyle. The development of creative and sports talents in children.

3) Protect from crime, drug addiction, bad company.

4) The development of skills necessary for life in society.

5) Help in the formation of personality, in choosing a future profession.


Target audience: Children from low-income large families

- Orphans

- Children from poor families

- Single mothers who raise their own children

- Children whose parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol have mental disorders.

- Children deprived of proper parental care and attention.

The problem the project is aimed at: Children from crisis families at risk of getting into a bad company, using drugs, committing various crimes.

Short-term and long-term results: Children are better at school. Develop as individuals, realize their goals. They have the skills necessary for life in society.


- Improving the physical condition of children (food, clothing, medicine).

- Help get rid of fears and failures.

- To show love, attention and care.

- To instill a sense of self-competence and success, calling.

- To instill a love of learning, knowledge.

- Provide the necessary things for school and life.

- Help the child develop as individuals, realize their goals. To think about the future.


- Work of the Children's Day Center

- Mugs

- Excursions

- Developing games, contests.

- Joint trips, camps.

- Learning English, programming

- Holding conferences, master classes, trainings.

Duration of the project:

Start: May 2020 End: May 2021


110 000 hryvnia - food, grocery sets.

40 000 hryvnias - office, textbooks, notebooks.

Total: 150,000 hryvnia.

How can we evaluate the result of the work done. Children will improve school performance, there will be a love of learning and learning something new. Children will have goals in life.

By donating, you agree that the amount of the donation is non-refundable, and if the project is not realized, or if there are funds remaining, all donations will be used for the statutory activities of the Charity Fund “Virtue”, namely, the implementation of cultural and educational activities aimed at reviving spirituality of children, adolescents in Donetsk region Ukraine.